This style has been discontinued- Please contact us for information on the alternative Lemaitre 8008 Slip on Clog Safety shoe.

Product Features

  • Double density PU/PU sole
  • Heat resistant up to 95 degrees Celsius
  • Padded quarter topline for additional comfort and support
  • Full grain leather upper
  • Midsole option available
  • SANS/ISO 20345


  • This stylized upper is cut from 2.0 – 2.2mm chrome tanned Full Grain printed Water Buffalo sides. The leather has been tanned for a softer, more comfortable feel as well as having good hard wearing characteristics.
  • This shoe is ideal for people who work in food preparation areas or who need to quickly take off their shoes.
  • The vamp lining is made from a specially needled Hi-tech Fibre blend that has been treated with “ULTRAFRESH”, which imparts hygienic and anti-bacterial properties to the material. The Fibre Blend has excellent perspiration absorbency which results in a lower heat build up inside the shoe and a more comfortable shoe for the wearer. 
  • The quarter lining is from an industrial quality “cambrelle” type nonwoven material with good abrasion resistance. 
  • The padded quarter topline is from a new, soft, 15mm closed cell foam with good memory recovery giving comfort and support.

Insole and Sock 

  • The insock is from a specially developed anti-static non-woven material which has exceptional directional stability, durability and comfort. 
  • The “Energiser” footbed insock is made from a newly developed needled 100% pure new wool blend that has great perspiration absorbency and gives extra comfort to the wearer who is on his feet all day long, due to the low buildup of heat inside the shoe. This material has been treated with “ULTRAFRESH”, which give the material its antifungal and antibacterial properties. 
  • A special shank reinforcement is moulded into the midsole to give additional support under the arch of the foot.

The PU/PU Sole 

  • The outer wearing sole is from a polyester polyurethane with good wearing characteristics and a shore hardness of 0.64 – 0.65 for flexibility and slip resistance. 
  • The AKTIV sole tread pattern is ideal for use in the office or on the factory floor. 
  • The inner midsole is from a low density flexible polyurethane for comfort and lightness with a shore hardness of 0.45-0.50. 
  • This shoe is anti-static.


Toe Caps

  • The steel toe cap is imported from either Europe or South America and complies with the S.A.B.S. specification to withstand an impact load of 200 joules. This toe cap has an extra wide fit to accommodate the largest variety of feet possible, and we use 5 different sizes to cover the full size range of shoes


The “SLIP ON” shoe, has been tested to comply with SANS/ISO 20345 specification and carries the SANS/ISO 20345 Certified Mark.

If required this boot can have a flexible stainless steel midsole moulded into the sole to give greater protection against penetration by glass or nails etc. 

Beier Safety Footwear has a registered quality management system and is an ISO 9001 rated factory. 

Mar 2011

  • Code: 90015
  • Sizes: 4 - 12
  • Colours: Black
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