Treadsafe is pleased to introduce the Euro Security range of safety boots and safety shoes to the mix of leading brands we supply.


The EURO SECURITY product range of safety boots and safety shoes offers customers the latest features in high spec safety, comfort, and styling. The steel toe caps have been scientifically shaped for comfort and protection, with a broader fit than many of the conventional brands. The steel toe caps are manufactured from heat treated high carbon steel and incorporate a latex toe cap liner to eliminate toe cap pressure. This, together with advanced sole technology, excellent padding and modern styling makes EURO SECURITY one of the leading safety footwear brands in South Africa.

What makes EURO Safety Footwear superior?

1. COMFYtech insocks
All premium styles in the EURO range come standard with this superior insock (inner sole), maximising foot comfort for wearers that spend all day in their footwear.

2. Latex liners on toecaps
All EURO styles come standard with latex liners. Currently the only safety footwear in South Africa with this feature. Results in additional comfort and shock absorption in toe area.

3. Full grain leather uppers
Most EURO style uppers are manufactured using superior full grain leather uppers. Full grain leather is more durable than split leather and if cared for correctly, performs better in harsher work environments ie. outdoors, exposure to water, chemicals.
It must always be remembered however, that there is no 'magic' safety boot that has been manufactured yet which lasts indefinitely in all environments.

4. Soles
The EURO range offers some of the widest fitting toecaps on safety footwear which ensures additional wearer comfort.

5. Specialised styles
EURO safety footwear is available in styles for use in specialised areas. Such features include, amongst others, 300 DEGREES HEAT RESISTANT/METAL FREE/COMPOSITE TOECAPS/KEVLAR MIDSOLES etc.

All EURO styles are manufactured to EN20345 specifications which is your guarantee that you are purchasing a quality controlled product using only the best quality raw materials.

All EURO styles have been registered with the NRCS and comply with government legislation regarding safety footwear. Final registration numbers will appear on all EURO footwear once issued by the NRCS.



  • Scientifically Designed.
  • Heat treated high carbon steel toe caps on safety range.
  • Latex toe cap liners for added comfort.
  • Polyurethane Sole
  • EN ISO 20345:2004
  • Safety footwear that has slip resistance

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